Our Patient Portal provides you with online access to our clinic and your personal clinical information. 

Current Features of the Patient Portal:  
·     Update Demographic Information
·     Secure Messaging System
·     View Upcoming Appointments
·     Prescription Lists
·     Medications Lists reference 
·     Allergy Lists
·     Vitals
·     Medical History
How to Login to the Patient Portal: 
1.   Provide your doctor’s office with your email address. 
2.   You will receive an email notifying you of your patient portal enrollment. 
3.   Using the link provided in the email, setup your custom password and portal account. 
4.   Easily and securely access your information from anywhere with internet capabilities! 
Send a secure message to our staff:  
Once logged into your patient portal, click on your name to open your account. To send us a message, click the envelope icon located in the upper right corner of your screen, click the “Compose Message” button, select a recipient from the Directory/Group drop box and send your message! (Please note you will only be able to message your provider if he/she has enabled this function in their EHR).